Our customers at buy and sell excess of inventory, closeouts, surplus, overstock, liquidation and customer returns merchandise from well known department stores in the US to distribute merchandise globally.

We provide the experience of more than 20 years in the international market of purchase and sales, customer service, transport, trade and investments and we’re here to help support the growth of our clients business.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and it is our goal to deliver your orders accurately and on time. Contacting a representative is conveniently available through phone, or chat .

As the founder and president / CEO of, I want to personally welcome you to the website; We are recognized leaders in the closeouts industry, conducting business in the US and around the world. As you will see on our website, there is a great variety of categories of consumer products, if you do not find the category that you need please send a message and we will respond with the information that corresponds to the needs of your business. We will do everything possible within the market to provide each and every one of the categories.

Cash Buyers

We are wholesale distributors and accept wire transfers or direct deposits. Purchase as little as a single box or as much as multiple containers or truckloads. Once paid, your merchandise is dispatched to your destination or nearest port.

Toys Are A Great Investment

There is always a very fast turnover in toys, since every six months the toy producers have to refresh their inventory to stay competitive. The wholesale of closeouts toys in liquidation are all the most recent toys that have come on the market and customers returned them to the warehouse or past the season, a new biannual collection of toys arrived. They were taken out of the warehouse to make room for new products. Toys is a category that appeals to families. You will always receive new collections that are sold quickly with We offer toys by containers that we quickly distribute to any port in the world. You can expect to receive your order in 4 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the time and the port of delivery. Container shipments are made from very large ports such as Houston, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, New York and Savanna in Georgia.

How To Buy Apparel That Is Fashionable?

This is a very common thing to hear. What is fashionable? Fortunately at everything is very recent, the collections change according to the seasons in the United States, so every three months there is new merchandise. The rotation of the clothes is very fast and what changes the most are current trends. Brands and department stores renew very frequently so that you as a client receive the most current collections.

What Is The Best Transportation To Use?

The best service is the one that you trust the most because it gives you the assurance that your merchandise will arrive quickly and safely. Or you can let us arrange shipments for you.  We use the most experienced and reliable transportation companies and can deliver to most countries. When you place your order you can request a quote.

We offer all air, sea and land transportation services with a 100% guaranteed and insured delivery.

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